Annoying Ads

Hi P,

The creators of Poptropica added annoying ads to the site a few months ago and it is really getting on my nerves – and mostly everyone else’s for that matter. We’re hoping they’ll take them out of the game soon.

Also please be aware that sometimes the ads can cause a horrible glitch in the game if you try to skip them. This happened to me once and I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else. Because of this glitch, I sometimes wait it out when ads pop up on the new, updated islands. I haven’t seen any ads for a while though, so you should be good for the most part.

TTYL! 😉 -LaurBell


Mocktropica Rumors

Hey P! I wanted to address the fact that there are rumors about the Mocktropica Islandsuch as if the glitches in it will spread to other islands or that the ads are only temporary. The ads don’t seem to be temporary but Poptropica may take them down if they see that we don’t like them. Who knows? And no, it’s unlikely that the glitches will spread since that’s just the particular theme of the island. All other rumors may be addressed as well via email. Our email is Thank you.
– Stage Fright



I was thinking that it would be totes amaze if Poptropica would release POPcorn as a contribute to the game. It would be fun if it could somehow play a big part in the game. If you have any ideas on it then email us and tell us about them! and we will notify the Poptropica creators.

– LaurBell

Lost Avatars


Hey Poptropica! I just wanted to say that we lost all of our poptropica avatars so we are currently unable to update our “PFB Authors” page. We won’t be updating until further notice. Sorry guys! 😦

– Wild Popper

Poptropica Ideas

Many poptropica players have ideas for the game, but aren’t quite sure how to get them out to the creators. Today I wanted to help you get them out by filling out this form.

All ideas sent will be added to our “Ideas” page, and possibly noticed by the Poptropica Creators!

Over and out!

– Hipster Dolphin