Poptropica Stickers

PFB Readers,

Guess what?! I’m starting this thing called Poptropica Stickers where you send me a link to your poptropica avatar (get link in Poptropica avatar studio via poptropica.com/avatarstudio) of your poptropica to poptropicafanblog@live.com

(send it here)

As soon as I get the link, I will cut your poptropica avatar out of it’s blue background and send it back to you so you may add it to any of your photos, or you may include in your email a link to a photo that I can save and add your poptropica avatar to the background and then send that to you.

Stickers will be listed on the “Stickers” page found on the menu, but if you don’t want your sticker shown, please also make that clear in the email.

Here is an example of how poptropica avatar stickers turn out after I have edited the original picture:


Hope you all like this! 🙂

– Slippery Crush


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