The One-Word Name Glitch

Lately I’ve noticed that people have been talking about a glitch where when you create an account, your name will only show up with one word. Usually, there are two words in poptropica names. So today I wanted to clear that up and let ya’ll know that this glitch is non-existent when you actually begin using your account. When you start using your account, a second name will suddenly appear, but you won’t know what it will be until you start using it. If it does stay one word, then it won’t forever. Don’t ever use a one-word name if you don’t want to be prevented from knowing what it will be afterwards. Hipster Star had to deal with this; her name said just “Star” and then suddenly it was “Red Star” but she stuck with it anyway. 🙂

Anyway, just a warning.
– Slippery Crush


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