The One-Word Name Glitch

Lately I’ve noticed that people have been talking about a glitch where when you create an account, your name will only show up with one word. Usually, there are two words in poptropica names. So today I wanted to clear that up and let ya’ll know that this glitch is non-existent when you actually begin using your account. When you start using your account, a second name will suddenly appear, but you won’t know what it will be until you start using it. If it does stay one word, then it won’t forever. Don’t ever use a one-word name if you don’t want to be prevented from knowing what it will be afterwards. Hipster Star had to deal with this; her name said just “Star” and then suddenly it was “Red Star” but she stuck with it anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, just a warning.
– Slippery Crush


Poptropica Interviews

Hey, PFB!

We’re starting this thing called interviews, where we email you a load of questions, and you email us back your answers. We won’t get too personal with the questions; they’re mostly about your experience with Poptropica.

Fill in the form on the “Interviews” page of PFB to sign up for an interview.

All interviews will be posted and published to the “Interviews” page, so please do not sign up unless you don’t mind.

Over and out!
-Hipster Dolphin


How To Take a Screenshot

Guess what, PFB!? I figured out an easy way to take a screenshot while playing Poptropica! All you have to do is hold down command (if you’re using a Mac) or ctrl (if you’re using a PC), next shift, then 3. It takes a quick snapshot of your screen and afterwards you can find it on your desktop. From there you can basically upload it wherever you want! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you like!

– Hipster Star

Poptropica Stickers

PFB Readers,

Guess what?! I’m starting this thing called Poptropica Stickers where you send me a link to your poptropica avatar (get link in Poptropica avatar studio via of your poptropica to

(send it here)

As soon as I get the link, I will cut your poptropica avatar out of it’s blue background and send it back to you so you may add it to any of your photos, or you may include in your email a link to a photo that I can save and add your poptropica avatar to the background and then sendย thatย to you.

Stickers will be listed on the “Stickers” page found on the menu, but if you don’t want your sticker shown, please also make that clear in the email.

Here is an example of how poptropica avatar stickers turn out after I have edited the original picture:


Hope you all like this! ๐Ÿ™‚

– Slippery Crush

Poptropica Fan Art

Hola, amigos!

I’m going to start drawing Poptropicans for any Poptropica fan who asks! I don’t have time for more than about three a month ( sorry! ๐Ÿ˜• ). I will try to do as many as I can though! Email us at and specify that this is for Hipster Star and send me a picture of your poptropican (a picture can be saved and sent by using the Poptropica Avatar Studio). The minute I see it, I will make note of it and start sketching the minute I have time! Also please let me know if you want it colored.


– Hipster Star


Guess what, PFB? I’m going to start creating walkthroughs for ya’ll to follow to beat Poptropica islands. Some will be on our YouTube page, some will be found on the PHB’s YouTube page (I will forward my walkthroughs to them), and some will be written guides here on PFB. Here’s a sneak peak of an upcoming walkthrough!


Hoping you’ll look forward to them!

Over and out! – Hipster Dolphin