Walkthroughs – Spy Island

Take the blimp to Spy Island if you’re not already there. Next, go right until you see an Eyeglass building. Go inside, and talk to the eye doctor. You can customize the eye glasses, but this is not required on the island. Tell the eye doctor that you want a test, and he’ll give you one. Click on the opposite of everything he points at. Once you’ve finished, he will tell you that he sees that Director D. sent you and will tell you to meet him upstairs. Go outside by once again clicking on the door, and once outside go left a little (don’t pass the eyeglass building) until you see a latter on the building. Jump up onto it and keep going up until you’re on top of the building. Once there, go inside another door you’ll see there. Go talk to the eye doctor again and he will give you the chameleon suit which when you wear, makes you turn invisible. Go back outside and jump off the building. Then go all the way left and click at the end of Main Street where it will say “go left”. Do that until you’re on the next street. Put the chameleon suit on and keep going left until you see the last building on the street, which pretty much takes up the entire street. The goal is to pretty much get on the roof, but you have to be careful and stop short when you see a guy with the “B.A.D.” outfit chasing you. There are many men like this and by stopping short, they won’t be able to see you because you will become invisible. Do this until you are on the roof and see a door. Go inside but still watch out for the B.A.D. men, which are guarding the door. Once inside, drop down and go right until you are on the other side of the ledge. But on the way you still must stop short every once and a while, because there are guard dogs this time. When and if they get you, you will not die, but they will push you back where you came from. Careful! Once on the other side of the ledge, jump down and repeat what you did on the previous ledge. Repeat this once more on the ledge below until you’re finally done. Then, go left, jumping on the ledges guard less until you see a big compartment thing. Jump on top of it and jump down in the middle. You’ll see a guy tied up, so click on him to untie him. He’ll give you some stuff (documents and a pen) that will help you later, tell you that he’ll take care of the door guard, and then leave. Jump on the shelves until you are back on the top of the compartment, then jump down onto the ground (the guard will be knocked unconscious) and go back outside. Next, go right until you’re back on Main Street. Go right even more until you’re on the next street. πŸ˜› Now keep going right (I know that’s a lot of going right. Lol! But keep going!) until you see a restaurant called, “B.A.D. Bistro”. Go inside and the waiter will tell you that they don’t allow spy equipment inside the restaurant. Your suit will automatically be taken off and replaced with your previous outfit (chameleon suit may still be found in your inventory). Go right some more but don’t bother talking to anyone at the table because they will just tell you to go away. So keep going until you are inside the kitchen and see the chef. Talk to him and tell him that you want the job (there was a Help Wanted sign on the widow). He will tell you that a good chef has a good memory and he will give you a memory test. The test is quite simple. He points to different ingredients and you have to remember which order he pointed and click them in the same order he pointed. Once you’re finished, he will tell you you’re hired and give you a chef hat, which you will automatically put on. Go left and talk to the guy at the table. This time, instead of ignoring you he will give you his cup which will have his fingerprint on it (you will need this later). Go right and back into the kitchen. Climb up into the vent and jump onto each lamp until you’re on the other side of the restaurant. Once there, jump off and go outside. The reason for not taking the usual exit is that there is a glitch where if you try to pass the table on the ground after he gives you his cup, you will get stuck and never get unstuck unless you sign out (and you would lose some progress). Once outside, go right some more until you’re on another street. This part is HARD so prepare yourself. Lol. This took me about 15 tries so don’t get frustrated if it takes a while. Go right some more and stop when you see light in front of you. If you hit the light, you will bounce back. Wait for the light to disappear and keep going. Once at the end of the building, step onto the window and make your way up until on the top of the other side. Along the way, watch out for the lights. Once on the other side, keep going up from there (you’ll still be dealing with the lights) until you’re finally on the roof. Click on the bars seen on the window found on the roof and swipe your pen through the window (cool pen, right?!). 😎 Now go inside and click on the guy tied up. He’ll give you some more documents and a now tie that will help you jump to really high places. Go back outside and jump off the building. Next go back left until you’re back on the previous street. Now put on the bow tie and stand next to Bad Bistro, and in front of the big garage. Double click up to get on top and land on a window (it may take a couple of tries to get lined up correctly). Make your way up more windows until you see a sign that says rooftop and then click on it to go up. Once you’re on the top, put the chameleon suit back on. Now go left just a little bit and step near the edge (be careful not to fall off of it). Now click on the tie in the bottom left corner and click up. It may take a few tries but the goal is to get the tie on an antennae. Once you get it, click to jump onto it. Then click on the guy below the antennae and he’ll tell you to hook up to the other antennae. So get as near to the right side or the ledge as you dare and click on the tie again. Now try to hook up to the other antennae which is found in your upper right (you can’t see it until you’re hooked up). Click once you’re hooked up to jump onto it. Now jump down and you’ll see an entrance to a room. Go inside. This part is also hard so good luck! Lol. πŸ˜› There are plants that actually bite so beware πŸ™‚ Go right until you’re under a tree thingy with a bomb in it. Click on it to make it drop. Once it does, push it towards a plant on the ground that will sprout it upwards. Go up with the same thing and push the bomb off the edge. Go down with it and onto another ledge. From there, push it towards another plant that will sprout it up and then go back to where you pushed I off the edge and jump onto the ledge diagonally above. From there, push the bomb towards the cell with a woman in it just a little and then wait for it to blow (careful; the plant next to it is vicious). When it does, click on the lady and she will give you more documents along with ultra-vision goggles. Go back outside and jump off the building. Big outch, right?! Now keep going right until you’re two streets away. Now it’s time for the ultra-vision goggles. Put them on and keep going right. For almost the rest of the island, the goal is to keep from getting shocked by the red laser. So go past the lasers and to the end of this screen. From there you just basically keep climbing ledges for a while. Continue to watch out for the lasers and make sure not to fall off of any ledges (especially moving ledges). You may use the tie if you’re having trouble. When you make it to the top, click the computer and you will get trapped. Director D. will walk in and help you out, asking you to activate the system. Go to your inventory and put your documents together to form the three passwords. Once you have them pieced together, write them down or memorize them. Exit your inventory and click on the computer again. This time it will ask you for the three passwords. Put them in. After that, he will let out an evil laugh. Follow him through the door that just opened. Wait – oh, no! Director D. is the villain! He will tell you about his evil plan, blah blah blah πŸ˜› Just ignore him and wait for him to release a robot. The goal is to get the robot to touch the golden thingys in each corner of the room. When they touch those, they will be destroyed. Once you destroy the first robot, three more will come out. You have to destroy them all. Afterwards, Director D. Β will go after you himself in his spaceship thingy. The goal here is to get him to crash his spaceship on the ceiling about three times. Do this by going near the ceiling yourself. He will follow you and crash. Move out of the way before he does though, or YOU’LL crash. After you have done this three times he will give up and the site will redirect you to the Headquarters on Spy Island. You will see Director D. crying in a cell and the screen will go back to the agent that gives you the island medallion. Click on him to receive it.

Congratulations! You have beat Spy Island!


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